We began our evening at the Leesburg Center for the Arts — thanks to their gracious hosting. Pizzano’s in Leesburg gave us a fantastic deal on some delicious food!

If you missed our Info Night, be sure to come to our next Community Night on August 16th at 6pm in the Leesburg Center for the Arts, where you can pick up the packet that was handed out with our model lesson!

Our presentation can be seen here:

During summertime, I’m not going to lie, I tend to count playing in the hose as a shower a lot of the time. In your house, if showers happen every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the school year, first of all, please come to my house and make this magic happen.  Then, start doing it in your own house the week before school starts. 

You’ve probably heard a rule about 10 minutes per night per grade level. Meh. The bottom line is that teachers should be giving homework at strategic places to reinforce knowledge. Instead of emphasizing the amount of homework, we should be assessing the quality of the homework.

When we are investigating a school for our children, there are so many aspects to consider that it can become overwhelming. Often, parents aren’t sure what to say or do, so they turn to outside sources to guide them on their journey. The problem with that is that there are endless organizations and people that will tell you how to evaluate a school, and a lot of them are giving you bad advice.