CREATE is looking to hire teachers and a Student Support Specialist. We are now accepting resumes and cover letters for consideration to apply. Cover letters should address why the applicant feels they are a good fit for the organization.


At CREATE Conservatory, we do teaching differently. We believe the best teachers are free teachers. Free to build and amend their curriculum, free to extend a lesson when the students are impassioned, and free to build a classroom environment that is the absolute best environment to learn. 

Successful teachers at CREATE Conservatory see the potential for art to make any subject thrilling for students. They pass along their freedom to their students to shape rich and dynamic learning experiences. Our teachers are passionate about teaching--excited to see students and, dare we say it, excited for Monday. We want to hire a teacher that students will remember decades later.

Current Job Openings


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CREATE Conservatory is actively seeking passionate volunteers and highly-qualified educators who can help us fulfill our mission and revolutionize education in Lake County. If that sounds like you, please click here to contact us.