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How many times I need to come to Turkey for a hair transplant?

In FUE technique, hair transplantation is completed in a single operation.

How long do hair transplants take?

The operation takes between 4 and 9 hours depending on the hair density.

How painful is a hair transplant process?

Needle anesthesia can cause a little discomfort, but it can be easily tolerated as the procedure is done under sedation and takes about 5 minutes. After local anesthesia applied to the scalp, there is no pain sensation.

When will I be discharged from the hospital?

You can be discharged from the hospital after the hair transplantation.

What kind of preparations should I make before coming to Turkey?

It is beneficial to quit blood-thinning medications or herbal supplements one week before the hair transplant date. It would be appropriate not to use alcohol three days before the operation. We also recommend that you quit smoking during this process

How many days should I spend in Turkey after the operation?

Although the hair transplant healing process varies from person to person, the patient can return to his normal life two or three days after the end of the hair transplantation. After the operation, the crust that binds in the area is poured within ten days. The complaints of redness and itching encountered in the first phase disappear in a short time.

When can I travel after the hair transplantation?

You can travel 1 or 2 days after the operation.

What should I be careful about hair transplantation?

It is important to be in communication 24/7 in the hair transplantation process and work with a professional team. We provide you with telephone and face-to-face consultancy services not only during the consultation process but also after the operation. Luviacure, our UK-based company, which makes quality hair transplantation as a standard with affordable prices, allows you to get the procedure that best suits your needs.

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