The David Slocum Memorial Scholarship - $6,500 Full Tuition Scholarship - AWARDED

As a child, David loved participating in all types of sports, and when it was time for him to begin kindergarten, David decided he would rather go to spring training with the Phillies. However, his family insisted he get an education before entering the world of sports. By the time David completed college, his focus had shifted from baseball and he became a professional golfer. David had a kind personality, a vivid imagination, was affectionate, and extremely emotionally intelligent. Most importantly, Dave was the best big brother there could have been for CREATE’s founder, Nicole Slocum Duslak. This scholarship is awarded to a child who exemplifies these characteristics.

The John R. Grill and Family Scholarship - $6,500 Full Tuition Scholarship - To Be Awarded In January

Jack was an advocate of education, not only for his son and daughter, but for his granddaughters also. He was an Eagle Scout, Veteran of World War Two, active in his church growing up, a dedicated sportsman, and a man who lived by a creed sometimes not noticed in today’s society. This scholarship is awarded to a family with someone who exemplifies these characteristics.

The Stuart E. Levine Memorial Scholarship - $6,500 Full Tuition Scholarship - AWARDED

Words and music: these were the two passions that enriched Stu’s life and brought out his greatest talents. He started reading when he was just two years old, and he went on to read and collect hundreds of books. He loved to write jokes, funny stories, songs and even sitcom screenplays. When he wasn’t reading or writing, he was singing or playing the guitar. Stu had a natural musical ability and never took a music lesson, he just practiced and practiced until it sounded good. The Levine family will be delighted to award this scholarship to a child with exemplary writing and musical abilities.

The Core "Change Your World" Scholarship - $6500 Full Tuition Scholarship - AWARDED

Core Legal Concepts is a company built by creative and technological entrepreneurs who use art and technology to make information more powerful. The founders wanted to change their world by making teamwork fun and hard work rewarding. It took courage and commitment and finding other like-minded people to grow into the success it is today. Core Legal Concepts seeks to award this scholarship to a student who exemplifies the character it takes to make changes that improve lives. Our ideal candidate is brave, creative, plays well with others, and is a born leader, negotiator, and problem-solver.

First Responders Scholarship - $3,500 Half Scholarship

CREATE appreciates all of the sacrifices that first responders make each day to keep our communities safe. This scholarship is awarded to a student who has a primary caregiver that is a first responder (EMTs, paramedics, firefighters, law enforcement officers).

Artist Scholarship - $3,500 Half Scholarship - AWARDED

The Artist Scholarship is awarded to a student who has a primary caregiver that makes their living with or through the arts. This may include any form of art (i.e. visual/performance/costuming/fiber/jewelry), or a position that supports the arts (i.e. technical stage work, art store employee).

Sole Caregiver Scholarship - $3,500 Half Scholarship

CREATE understands the unique challenges and financial pressures facing sole caregivers. In an effort to help alleviate some of this pressure, The Sole Caregiver Scholarship will be awarded to a student whose parent or guardian is the sole caregiver/financial provider.

Veteran’s Scholarship - $1750 One quarter tuition scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded to a student whose primary caregiver is a veteran.