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At CREATE Conservatory, we offer an innovative K-5 education with a STEM curriculum grounded in arts integration.

Benefits of Arts Integration:

  • Increases student performance and success across disciplines

  • Builds critical thinking skills

  • Helps close the achievement gap

  • Aligns with the ways children naturally learn best

  • Incorporates evidence-based best practices in teaching and learning

  • Educates the whole child

  • Empowers teachers

Benefits of a CREATE Education:

  • Certified educators

  • Small class sizes

  • Empowered teachers

  • Flexible curriculum

  • Dedication to deeper learning

  • Commitment to authentic assessment instead of “teaching to the test”

  • Focus on meeting the unique
    needs of every learner

  • Specialization in gifted and
    creative children

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CREATE founder Nicole Duslak has been dreaming about revolutionizing education for years, and now she has brought her vision to life.

Nicole’s credentials include a BFA in Fine Arts, a M.Ed. in Secondary Education, and a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.

An award-winning educator with extensive experience, Nicole has been involved with the education system from kindergarten through higher education.

Nicole brings “Relationship Centered Leadership” to Lake County education. Her empathy, integrity, passion for creative development, and desire to change both education options and leadership standards make CREATE Conservatory the new rising star in Lake County schools.