Why Choose CREATE?


At CREATE Conservatory, we offer an innovative K-5 education with a curriculum grounded in arts integration.

All of our classes are taught by certified educators and some of our benefits include:

  • Small class sizes

  • Empowered teachers

  • Flexible curriculum

  • Dedication to deeper learning

  • Commitment to authentic assessment instead of “teaching to the test”

  • Focus on meeting the unique needs of every learner

  • Specialization in children who are gifted


Why arts integration?

Arts integration has a number of educational benefits.  Specifically, arts integration:

  • Increases student performance and success across disciplines

  • Builds critical thinking skills

  • Helps close the achievement gap

  • Aligns with the ways children naturally learn best

  • Incorporates evidence-based best practices in teaching and learning

  • Educates the whole child

  • Empowers teachers