About Us

A K-7 non-profit private school

Where STEM meets the arts

Our Mission

Reimagine. Innovate. Educate. CREATE.

By providing children with innovative programming, tailored instruction, and the freedom to be who they are, CREATE Conservatory is reimagining education and helping gifted and creative students discover and achieve their mind’s fullest potential.



Our Story

In 2020, with a pandemic as a backdrop and a gifted son with limited education options, award-winning educator Nikki Duslak overcame unimaginable challenges to start a micro-school in central Florida that teaches STEM education through arts integration and specializes in gifted and creative students.


Since day one, CREATE students have been learning in new ways, building their confidence, expanding their minds, and over-performing academically. Word-of-mouth from happy parents has driven interest and new enrollment, and we’re growing fast!


After renting space from a church for our first two years, we moved to our forever home in Mount Dora in January 2023. We’ve already outgrown the 1800 sf building on our 2.5 acre property that was once “Adventure Cove Mini-Golf”.

Our Plans

Enrollment for 2024 is at 60 students and we are on track to double in size again, as we’ve done every year since we opened. To accommodate our growth while we build out our campus, we have secured a satellite space 5 minutes from the main campus with three large classrooms.

We are feverishly applying for a variety of grants to fund our expansion to ensure all gifted and creative children in our community have access to our programming. We anticipate leveling the mini-golf course this summer and starting construction of our new building(s) in December 2023.

CREATE has a staff of 6, and expects to hire 2 new teachers by August 2023 and more as needed. Our long-term goal is to offer grades K-12. We have plans to add a theatre and special library.

We’re incredibly excited about CREATE’s success so far, and grateful for the tremendous support that propels and sustains us as we change education outcomes and transform students’ lives in Lake County.


Our Values

  • Inclusion. We create inclusive, safe spaces where children can be who they are and learn by moving, doing, and building. Students with ADD and ADHD thrive.
  • Respect. We offer a safe, student-centered environment where students feel valued, respected and cared for.
  • Comfort. We don’t have desks. Students are invited to be comfortable with bean bag chairs, couches, and meditation cushions.
  • Freedom. We encourage students to play, explore, and create their way through rigorous academic standards.

Our Philosophy

“Creativity is the single most important thing we need to teach our children. Virtually every great discovery in the world was made, not just by a smart person, but by a creative problem solver. The Arts are arguably the best way to teach and sustain creative minds, so it is imperative that we infuse them into our children’s lives at every possible juncture, so they are prepared to solve the problems of the world for their generation.”


Nicole Duslak, Founder

CREATE Conservatory