Visionary Leadership


Leading With Heart and Soul

A driven, dedicated, and passionate leader with 2 masters degrees in education, Nikki Duslak, CREATE’s founder and Head of School, has been dreaming about revolutionizing education for years, and now she has brought her vision to life.


Having embraced every opportunity for professional development during her career as a teacher, principal, and college level administrator, Nikki brings unparalleled knowledge and boundless tenacity to the challenges of starting and running a school. Her “relationship centered leadership” is a welcome change for this forward-thinking central Florida community who now has another option.


By starting CREATE, Nikki is pioneering the micro-school movement and lighting the way for education leaders in other communities who want better options and outcomes for students whose needs aren’t met by traditional means.


Nikki has been invited to speak at the ASU-GSV Summit in April 2023 in San Diego, which celebrates innovation in education and attracts an influential and distinguished audience.

CREATE is the subject of a documentary produced by The 74 Million, a non-profit news organization dedicated to examining issues impacting the education of America’s 74 million children — and the effectiveness of the system that delivers it

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