Tailored Instruction


One Size Does Not Fit All

One size does not fit all

At CREATE, we believe every child has the right to discover and achieve their mind’s fullest potential. So we tailor instruction to the way they learn best.

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There's a problem.

The traditional education system wants to mass produce students using a pre – designed mold.

How else are we different?

  • Inclusion. We create inclusive, safe spaces where children can be who they are and learn by moving, doing, and building. Students with ADD and ADHD thrive.
  • Respect. We offer a safe, student-centered environment where students feel valued, respected and cared for.
  • Comfort. We don’t have desks. Students are invited to be comfortable with bean bag chairs, couches, and meditation cushions.
  • Freedom. We encourage students to play, explore, and create their way through rigorous academic standards.

Speaking of play…did you know:

“In play, children learn to navigate their physical and social nvironment, while also imagining and constructing new realities. They practice solving problems, testing how to love, what is wise, and what is safe.”