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Our Growth

Fundraising Goals

With a target of $50,000 by June 2024, we are on a mission to build a state-of-the-art campus that accommodates our expanding student body. We can’t make this happen without you. Your donation is a step toward making this dream a reality, ensuring that every student has the space to explore, create, and excel.

CREATE Conservatory was recently awarded a $200,000 Grant as a Semi-finalist for the prestigious Yass Prize!

We’re on the road to building our dream campus, but we need your help to get us closer to the finish line.

Donation Tiers

Leave a Legacy: Join our ‘Patrons of Brilliance’ program and become a cornerstone of this transformative community endeavor

Shining Star ($100)
Guiding Light ($500)
Torchbearer ($1000)
Luminary ($2500)

All Patrons of Brilliance will receive a name tile that will be part of a large sculptural
 mosaic hung in the new building. Size of tile corresponds with tier.
About Us

About CREATE Conservatory

CREATE Conservatory is a beacon of innovation and individuality in education. Our recent recognition as a Yass Prize 2023 semi-finalist underscores our dedication to nurturing a learning environment that champions every child’s unique potential. We are not just a school; we are a promise of a brighter future, forging the innovators and leaders of tomorrow right here in our backyard.
Impact and Growth

Thriving through Innovation
and Inclusivity

From a small group of students to a thriving community, our rapid growth highlights the essential need for a new campus. Your support is the catalyst that will enable us to continue fostering a vibrant and inclusive learning culture, contributing to a thriving, innovative community in Mount Dora.

STEM Education through Arts Integration At CREATE Conservatory

At CREATE Conservatory, we blend STEM education and the Arts, crafting a rich learning environment. Our curriculum is designed to spark curiosity, encouraging students to explore the world around them and solve problems in an engaging and meaningful way.

Project Videos

Community Engagement

Fostering Community Connections for Positive Impact

Our collaboration with local businesses and organizations amplifies the impact of your donation, as we work together to create a lasting positive imprint on our community. Together, we are not just building a school; we are nurturing a hopeful, shining future for Mount Dora.

A huge thanks to City Council Member Dennis Dawson for stopping by to congratulate us on being a Yass Prize Semifinalist! We always love sharing our mission with the community.

Contact Us

Become a part of this inspiring community experience. Reach out personally to our team at info@createconservatory.com for any inquiries or further information.

4900 Lake Park Court Mount Dora, FL 32757

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to raise $50,000 by June 2024 to construct a new campus that accommodates our rapidly growing student body, allowing us to continue providing an innovative and inclusive educational environment.

Your donation will be directly channeled towards the construction of our new campus, which includes modern classrooms, collaborative learning spaces, and facilities for arts and STEM education.

The “Patrons of Brilliance” program is our way of recognizing and celebrating the generous support of our donors. There are four tiers of giving, each with its own set of recognitions and benefits. Your contribution will not only be commemorated within our new campus but also invites you to be a part of our groundbreaking and ribbon-cutting ceremonies.

CREATE Conservatory blends STEM education with the Arts, fostering a rich, holistic learning environment that caters to the unique strengths and interests of each student. Our recent recognition as a Yass Prize 2023 Quarterfinalist is a testament to our innovative approach to education.

We invite you to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook for regular updates on our fundraising campaign, construction milestones, and school activities.

Absolutely! We welcome inquiries and visits. Please contact Nicole Duslak at Nicole.duslak@createconservatory.com to arrange a visit or to get more information.

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